Our academic partner network

Aston University, United Kingdom

Founded in 1895 and a University since 1966, Aston University has been always been a force for change. For 50 years the University has been transforming lives through pioneering research, innovative teaching and graduate employability success. Aston is renowned for its opportunity enabler through broad access and inspiring academics, providing education that is applied and has real impact on all areas of society, business and industry.


Bridgewater State University, USA

Bridgewater State University (BSU) is a public university located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA.  Founded in 1840, BSU is the largest school within in the Massachusetts state university system.  Among the six colleges at BSU,  the Louis Ricciardi College of Business (RCOB) offers majors in Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Information Systems, Global Management, Human Resources, Operations/Supply Chain and Aviation Management in a  wide range of undergraduate and  graduate programs.   Curricula emphasize both theoretical and practical perspectives, with hands-on learning experiences that make internships, projects with local, regional and national firms, and experience-based learning an integral part of the learning environment.   Through the extensive information technology and distance education resources, BSU has made technology an integral component of teaching and learning on campus, and is a regional center for the enhancement of teaching through technology.

Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

A comprehensive, dual-sector doctoral-awarding institution, DIT combines the academic excellence of a traditional university with professional, career-oriented learning, preparing graduates for productive leadership roles. The core values reflected in its mission emphasize student-centered learning, useful knowledge, rigorous processes of discovery and critical enquiry, and support for entrepreneurship and diversity. DIT undertakes research that is nationally relevant, internationally competitive and strategically important. It is strongly focused on problem-solving,  and on social and technological development and innovation that advances human knowledge and makes a real impact on people’s life experience. Close engagement locally and globally with society and the economy, and collaborative links with a range of world-class companies and academic institutions internationally are essential components in everything DIT does.

ESB Business School, Reutlingen University, Germany

A truly international orientation, a balance between theory and practice and a sound academic education in international management have been the hallmarks of ESB Business School at Reutlingen University for more than 40 years. Approximately 2,500 young people study on our campus in Reutlingen. Close cooperation with leading corporations, more than 100 partner universities and innovative, interdisciplinary teaching methods ensure that our students receive an education which is firmly geared towards a career in the international business world. The state-owned business school is a leader in international business education in Germany. The school’s reputation as a centre of excellence for training future managers has been consistently reinforced by appearing at the top of relevant university rankings in the German-speaking area.
We also offer part-time master’s and MBA programmes for companies and professionals who recognise the  importance of life-long learning, most of them in cooperation with Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University  (KFRU), the further education foundation at Reutlingen University.


HAN University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Ho Chi Minh City International University, Vietnam

International University (IU), one of six member universities of Vietnam National University HCMC, was established in December 2003. As an interdisciplinary university, it is the first public university in Vietnam that uses English as the primary language in teaching and researching.

IU and its partner universities currently offer undergraduate and graduate accredited programs. The focus has been on offering academic majors that are aligned with the growing demand for human resources in such fields as economics, management, science, and technology. IU’s overall model adheres to the international standards in developing syllabi or curricula in collaboration with several top universities in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

IU’s mission is to be recognized as one of the top research-oriented universities in Vietnam and in Asia. We will reach this goal by carefully selecting staff and foreign faculty that are well qualified in order to meet the changing needs of the society and the country’s development.

Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore

School of Business & Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

SBM ITB is developing itself to excel in education, to develop and to disseminate knowledge in the fields of business and management on the basis of engineering advancement. Established in the environment of Engineering Institute, the research activities focus on technology based business and management practices of the leading successful companies in Indonesia. Proximity to engineering and business environment and reliable research methodology improves SBM ITB’s ability to create world class research. Furthermore, SBM ITB emphasizes globalization in order to be one of leading business schools in Asia and Pacific region.

The mission of SBM ITB is: “To educate students to be innovative leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset and to develop and disseminate knowledge of business and management for the betterment of business, government, and society”.

The Vision of SBM ITB is: “Being a world-class institution that inspires and develops new leaders with entrepreneurial spirit”.

Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

UMP offers a wide range of skills-based tertiary education programmes and practical-based tertiary education in engineering and technology to produce competent engineers. Its application oriented curriculum integrates theory and practise in the concept of a teaching factory, emphasizing experiental and action learning, task oriented and problem solving. Focus on applied research and industrial projects to enrich the teaching and learning processes as well as to promote the commercialization of research products, thus exposing students to the latest research and development activities in the industries.The university’s campuses are fully equipped with the latest information and communication technology (ICT) systems, including wireless broadband internet connections to facilitate the university’s electronic based e-Learning and e-Management activities. UMP is committed to the development of human capital and technology to fulfill the needs of industries as well as to contribute to the country’s overall development.