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Welcome to IABEP

In today’s fast-moving global business environment, a close collaboration and continuous knowledge transfer between business and academia can make a valuable contribution to successful business operations.

Our international network, IABEP, serves to bring together academia, industry and practitioners from all over the world to discuss current challenges, opportunities and interdisciplinary solutions in global business.

We aim to

  • provide an international platform for interdisciplinary exchange of business and engineering expertise and innovation
  • bring together students, academics and businesses to work on global business related projects
  • organise member events featuring expert speakers on topical issues
  • develop innovative solutions by conducting collaborative applied research projects
  • offer access to a community of practitioners, academics and trade associations addressing the challenges of global business

IABEP News releases

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25 September

A new digital project collaboration platform for all IABEP members


23 September

Business case models for returnable packaging solutions


22 September

An empirical study into the impact of digitalisation on global supply chains


20 September

Tubex introduces idea management system at their plant in Rangendingen